"Synchron 2" - Changes

Simultaneous exhibitions of the BBK Marburg-Mittelhessen from 29.07. to 30.09.2024.

The BBK Marburg-Mittelhessen's "Synchron 2" exhibition aims to further emphasize its artistic presence in Central Hesse.

There will not only be a central opening exhibition in the historic town hall in Marburg, but also several synchronous projects. In terms of content, the entire breadth of artistic creation will be on display.

Visitors will be able to discover the entire spectrum of contemporary artistic positions in Central Hesse and explore the region in the process. Special attention will be
particular focus on the theme of change - also in relation to rural areas. There, buildings steeped in history are preserved through local initiative and put to a new
new, respectful use, e.g. the former synagogue in Buseck "Anger 10" and the studio church in Volpertshausen. The exhibitions make reference to this - with
memories or aspects pointing to the future.

Kick-off event

Kick-off event and central vernissage

"Synchron 2" - Changes

Exhibition hall, Historic Town Hall Marburg
Vernissage 29.07.2024

Kick-off event, central vernissage.
It is planned that all SYNCHRON 2 participants will be represented there in addition to their own exhibition venue.

Duration: 29.07. - 26.08.24

- Sigrun Bennemann
- Kathrin Brömse
- Renate Brühl
- Susanne Dilger
- Christa Flick
- Tobias Funk
- Horst Gander
- Frauke Hubal
- Viktor Lau
- Jan Luke
- Angelika Nette
- Reiner Packeiser
- Irene Peil
- Cathrin Reiss
- Wennemar Rustige
- Volker Schönhals
- Carola Senz
- Maggie Thieme
- Mechthild Trimborn
- Gerda Waha
- Erhard Waschke
- Thomas Wörsdörfer

Synchron 2 solo and group exhibitions in the same period

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Reiner Packeiser
Exhibition venue: Atelier Tulpenweg 5, 35435 Wettenberg
Exhibition period: 01.07. to 10.08.2024


Volker Schönhals
Exhibition venue: Foundry Blöcher Biedenkopf: Object pictures
Exhibition period: 29.07. to 30.09.2024

MarburgTobias Funk
Exhibition venue: Schaufenster Rad Am Grün, Marburg
and KunstPunkt im Q, Marburg

Jan Luke
Exhibition venue: White Cube in Schwanhof, Schwanallee 29-31,35037 Marburg

Kathrin Brömse
Exhibition venue: Gallery 17QM - raum für möglichkeiten, Steinweg 2, Marburg
Exhibition period: 27.7.-24.8.2024

Horst Gander
Exhibition venue: Atelierkirche Volpertshausen
Exhibition period: 23.8.-30.8.24

LauterbachCathrin Reiss
Exhibition venue: Kulturspinnerei Lauterbach
Exhibition period: 29.07. - 26.08.24
BuseckCarola Senz, Gerda Waha, Thomas Wörsdörfer, Wennemar Rustige,
Angelika Nette, Maggie Thieme

Exhibition venue: former synagogue Buseck "Anger 10"
Opening: Sunday 25.8.2024 , 17.00 h
Exhibition period: 26.8.2024 - 15.9.2024
Opening hours Sat. and Sun. from 2 to 5 p.m. / On the day of the open monument 10.09.2024 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. / (Monday to Friday on request)
Topic: Current works by the group "Artists for Human Rights" on various aspects of the topic.
Welcome: District Administrator Anita Schneider (?)
Possibly Mayor Mr. Ranft
Music: Benjamin Gail
Speech: Pastor Gabriel Brandt
WetzlarSusanne Dilger Reiner Packeiser, Volker Kusterer, Mechthild Trimborn, Erhard Waschke
Exhibition venue: Stadtgalerie Wetzlar
Exhibition period: 20.09.2024 - 10.11.2024
DillenburgSigrun Bennemann, Renate Brühl, Christa Flick, Irene Peil, Carola Senz
Exhibition venue: Villa Grün
Exhibition period: 31.07. - 28.08.2024
GladenbachViktor Lau
Exhibition venue: Atelier Kehlnbacher Weg 6, 35075 Gladenbach
Exhibition period: 29.07. - 26.08.24
Location not yet determinedFrauke Hubal
Exhibition period: 29.07. - 26.08.24