Foundation of the BBK

On November 10, 1972, numerous artists' organizations from all over the Federal Republic met in Frankfurt's Paulskirche for a congress under the motto:
"More solidarity for common action".

The result of this memorable congress was the founding of the BBK as a common platform to demand from the Bundestag and the Federal Government improvements in the social and professional conditions for artists from the Bundestag and the Federal Government.

To this end, visions for the future were formulated, e.g. a special health insurance and an old-age insurance for artists, an organization for the protection of copyright for artistic production, a regulated system for the announcement of competitions for art in building, an exhibition remuneration. Most of these visions,
Most of these visions, which hardly anyone would have thought possible at the time, have now become reality:
There is the Künstlersozialkasse, there is the Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst, there is the German government's guide to art in construction.

Soon after its founding, the BBK established contact with the Association of Visual Artists of the GDR (VBK). Subsequently, the contacts were further cultivated and joint exhibition projects were also realized. After this VBK dissolved as a result of political changes, the BBK supported the founding of state associations in the new German states, which joined the BBK in the course of 1991.

With its more than 10,000 members, the BBK is not only the largest, but also the most successful artists' organization in the European Union.

Tasks of the BBK

Since 1948, the BBK has been the professional representation of professionally working painters, draftsmen, graphic artists, sculptors, object makers, multimedia, photo and all other visual artists. The association has the task of helping and clarifying all professional questions of its members in the regional area. At present, more than 550 members are organized in the BBK Hessen. Nationwide, there are about 10,000 members, organized in 16 state associations.

What do artists gain from the work of the BBK?

BBK representatives represent the interests of visual artists in advisory committees. With its own exhibitions, catalogs, participation in cultural events, etc., the BBK presents itself to the outside world and thus contributes to a diverse cultural life. Information events are held for the further education and professionalization of artists.

The BBK advocates the following goals:

  • Co-determination in the political sphere through advisory councils and participation in expert committees.
  • Improvement of the promotion of art and artists
  • Securing jobs through
    – Promotion of education and training in the field of visual arts
    – Facilitation of business start-ups in the arts and culture sector
    – Realization of a culture-friendly tax law
    – Safeguarding copyrights in the artistic field
    – Anchoring of an exhibition remuneration in the copyright law
    – Securing participation in public construction projects and transparency of competitions  
  • Co-determination in the political sphere through advisory councils and participation in expert committees 
  • Abolition of discrimination against female artists 
  • Securing the supply of studios at acceptable costs