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new "Guideline Exhibition Remuneration" of the BBK 2021

the new "Guideline Exhibition Remuneration" of the BBK has been published! It is a joint effort: In November, the Federal Committee formed a working group with members/chairmen of various BBK associations and the Federal Board, which updated the 2014 guideline in a very intensive work process and in a very short time. It offers artists a basis for negotiation and shows organizers and institutions the way to appropriate remuneration for artistic activities. The digital version can be found in the appendix.

The "Guidelines for Exhibition Remuneration" are available in a printed version with a print run of 15,000 copies as well as for download on the website www.bbk-bundesverband.de.

  • All BBK members will receive a copy as an insert with the next issue of kultur politik so that the BBK associations do not have to send it out.
  • All BBK state and regional/district associations will also receive a contingent of initially 16 printed copies free of charge in the coming week for political work on the ground: via letters, conversations, events with exhibition houses, cultural institutions, cultural and budgetary politicians*, art associations, offspaces and many others. Additional copies can be requested by email at infobbk-bundesverbandde.
  • All BBK associations can offer a direct download of the guideline via their websites. Other organizations can put a link on their websites to www.bbk-bundesverband.de.

And there are on the part of the BBK regional associations and the federal association plans for a common action day to the topic on April 15, 2021, the world art day (https://worldday.de/15-april-feier-des-weltkunsttag-rittikday-worldartday-worldartday/). On this day, attention is to be drawn "simultaneously" to the demand for appropriate remuneration for artists' services in as many places as possible with different formats. For example, the Initiative Ausstellungsvergütung, a federation of all artists' associations, is planning a digital event on this day.

The time of modesty should be over, unpaid artistic services should be a thing of the past. The pandemic has only made it clearer: artistic incomes must become more secure. That's why it's now time to work confidently and together at all levels - federal, state and local - to raise the issue of appropriate remuneration for artistic services, to demand it and to lobby for it to be enshrined in funding guidelines and in copyright law.

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